Ecommerce Web Sites

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E-commerce refers to selling products or services on the internet. There are different levels: ranging from providing the prices of items and requiring a fax or phone call to complete the transaction all the way up to a shopping cart, a payment gateway, and a merchant account.

In 1999, Pixelloom created a javascript form-based ordering system for selling manuals for a health care consultant. That system is still running unchanged.

In 2005, we created another site to sell books and subscriptions, but we created it with a shopping cart. The shopping cart metaphor is well understood at this time and provides a simpler interface for the user. Because the site's owner deals primarily with libraries who expect to be invoiced, the site does not accept credit cards.

The web site for MathematicaHandbook is a full-blown shopping-cart based e-commerce site, which accepts credit cards and provides a secure way to download and install the software book.

Finally, Pixelloom has worked on several sites, including the My Life Log book site shown here, which accept credit cards through Paypal. This method is much cheaper than a merchant account and payment gateway.