Here are some books and other products that we use.


Project Managment System

Pixelloom uses Basecamp to manage all its web site projects. Clients get a login that allows them access to their project. Pixelloom has a dashboard providing access to all of the projects. Milestones, uploaded assets, and all communications, which are sent out as emails, are kept in one easy-to-use online system. We couldn't manage now without it.

Basecamp project management and collaboration

Dreamweaver Add-Ons

WebAssist produces Dreamweaver extensions that add functionality to Dreamweaver and simplify our job of creating web sites. If you'd like to build your own website, check out their offerings. We use their shopping cart system for our e-commerce sites. If you'd rather not have the headache, see why you should hire Pixelloom to build your web site for you.

Payment Systems

We take credit cards through Paypal, which has a network across more than 103 countries and regions, and in multiple currencies. PayPal reaches across the globe to give you or your business a way to pay or get paid.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Spam Filters

  • SpamArrest

    spamarrest logo

    This program filters out the spam before it gets to your inbox. It also keeps viruses from getting to your computer. This program lets you specify a list of people that are allowed to send you email. These emails pass directly to your inbox.

    Emails from others generate a request to the sender to authorize their email through to you. Spammers rarely do this. If they do (and the Africans soliciting help moving their money out of the country do do so), then you can tell the program to block that email address in the future. The program also marks emails sent from a different domain than what it claims with a big WARNING message. For me, this separates out the real messages from paypal from the fake phishing ones.

    You also can check the held mail on a webmail interface. If you don't have webmail access to your email, this is a great way to read it when you are travelling.

    You can try a 30-day free trial.

  • Qurb
    Curb spam with Qurb!

    This program splits your email into a spam folder and your real mail. It only works with Outlook and Outlook Express.


We use ZoneAlarm to protect our computers from viruses, spyware, and hackers. A firewall is really a must for any computer that is connected to the internet with a cable modem or DSL line. ZoneAlarm provides a free version of their firewall as well.

Backup Program

Protect your valuable dataWe use the @Backup service to back up all of Pixelloom's financial data and time-tracking logs.



Cascading Style Sheets

HTML Utopia: Designing without Tables Using CSS, Dan Shafer.

This is the book to start with in learning CSS. Shafer provides an overview, some concrete, working designs, and a comprehensive reference for all the css properties.

The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, Rachel Andrew

As you start working with CSS, this book helps you over the rough spots.


Web Design

Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook, Dan Cederholm

This is a great book for a beginner to intermediate coder



PHP and MySQL Web Development, Luke Welling and Laura Thomson

This is a great book

MySQL, Paul Dubois

This book is both a complete description of how to use mySQL and databases and also a complete reference source for the language.



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