Hosting & Email

Pixelloom, LLC provides web site hosting for its customers. Our standard fee is $25/mo, payable quarterly, or 12 months for the price of 11, $275/year, when paid yearly. We lease domain names for our clients for $25 for one year with lower prices per year for multi-year leases, when requested. We charge a lower rate for non-profits and $55/year for email hosting of one email address. Our charge for WordPress maintenance is $5/mo, but it is billed annually with a $5 discount, so $55/year.

We provide hosting on our own private server housed in a high-security data center. All areas of the center are monitored and recorded using CCTV, and all access points are controlled.

All our web sites come with email addresses for the client. These can be POP, IMAP, or web-based email, as well as forwarding addresses, depending on your preference.

As part of this service, statistics are available at all times showing you the number of visitors to your web site, where they come from, and what keywords they searched on. We send you occasional reminders of where to find these statistics.

Our hosting is handled at the web site, where we also handle customer support requests.